Safe Deposit Boxes

Let us lock it up for you
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Stow away valuable items and irreplaceable documents.

Boxes come in a variety of sizes
Store important documents and collectible items away from home
Control access to your contents
Keep your valuables safe in our vaults with a safe deposit box.

While electronic conveniences are important part of what we provide customers, we understand that traditional services, such as safe deposit boxes, play an important role for customers, too. When you want to protect irreplaceable items from theft, fire flood and tampering, consider renting a safe deposit box at one of our branches.

  • Safe deposit boxes come in several sizes, with annual fees depending on the box size
  • Boxes are safe places to store important papers such as birth certificates, stock certificates and property deeds
  • Stamp and coin collections and valuable jewelry can also be locked away
  • Preferred Checking customers can get discounts on safe deposit boxes