Lines of Credit

Be prepared for unexpected expenses
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Take a long look at our short-term financing solution.

Access funds quickly whenever you need them
Solve emergency cash flow needs
Purchase supplies or inventory

It’s not just a short-term loan. It’s a rapid response plan.

Even profitable businesses sometimes encounter lean times. Maybe a major client has been slow to pay. Maybe a seasonal business has hit the annual lull. An Atlantic Union Bank Business Line of Credit can help you cover expenses in a pinch. It can also allow you to leap at unexpected opportunities, such as a supplier offering discounts. With this sort of flexibility, you’ll always be ready to roll.

  • An affordable way to tap into money when your business has unexpected expenses
  • Use funds to cover temporary cash flow needs or take advantage of supplier discounts
  • Helps solve for your seasonal needs
  • Access funds and transfer them directly to your Atlantic Union checking account
  • Make interest-only payments when you borrow from your credit line

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