Mortgage Assistance Center

Easing you through a time of hardship
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Options that may keep you in your home.

Payments may be temporarily suspended
Loan rates and terms may be modified
Foreclosure can often be prevented

One minute, you can be riding on the road to success. The next minute, you can hit a detour.

Maybe someone in your family has been laid off. Or your finances have been reduced by huge medical bills. If you’re having trouble making mortgage payments, contact Atlantic Union Bank's Mortgage Assistance Center (MAC). Specialists may be able to help work out ways to avoid foreclosure until you get back on track.

  • The Mortgage Assistance Center assists borrowers who are experiencing a short-term or long-term financial hardship
  • Atlantic Union Bank representatives may be able to change the terms or interest rate on your loan
  • Payments you missed may be deferred for a certain period of time
  • Short sale options may allow you to sell your home for less than you owe on your mortgage but avoid the foreclosure process
  • Fill out a Customer Hardship Application to start the process
  • To talk to a Mortgage Assistance Center specialist, call us toll free at 844-661-0093 or directly at 804-589-3187; or contact us by email at

Atlantic Union Bank Mortgage Assistance FAQ

A hardship is a change in circumstances that affects your ability to satisfy your financial obligations.


No. Atlantic Union Bank has options available for customers who are experiencing a hardship but have managed to keep their mortgage payments current. Contact the Mortgage Assistance Center immediately at 844-661-0093 to see if you qualify for assistance.

Depending on your financial ability, you may qualify for different assistance options. You’ll need to discuss your specific situation with a Mortgage Assistance Center specialist. We offer solutions based on financial ability. Call us at 844-661-0093.

There are numerous avenues to request assistance. Call 844-661-0093, email at or send a fax to 804-482-2983.

It depends on your situation. For example, if you wish to retain your home, you will be required to complete a Customer Hardship Assistance Package outlining monthly income and expenses, an IRS Form 4605-T, and a hardship statement. You will also have to provide current proof of income. If you want to sell your home, we will require the same documentation listed above as well as bank statements, your sales contract, all applicable affidavits and proof of funds from buyer and closing disclosures. Your Mortgage Assistance Center specialist may also require additional information.

Atlantic Union Bank does not charge an application fee or handling fee for requesting assistance. However, as part of the qualification process, Atlantic Union Bank may order credit reports and an appraisal. If fees are incurred in processing your application, they will be passed on to you for payment.

You should contact us immediately. Your credit may be affected if you continue to be past due and you could risk foreclosure.

That will be determined after a review of your specific circumstances and will be based on the impact of your hardship, your personal financial ability, and whether you intend to retain or sell your property.

Atlantic Union Bank offers our customers loan modifications, forbearance and short sales.

A modification may make payments more manageable or affordable by changing or modifying the existing mortgage. A refinance is a new loan which pays off your existing mortgage. The Mortgage Assistance Center does not handle refinances.

We offer solutions that may extend, modify or adjust your mortgage payments. We strongly encourage you to call Atlantic Union Bank’s Mortgage Assistance Center at 844-661-0093, so we can discuss which option may best suit your situation.

A foreclosure is the legal proceedings initiated by a lender to seize the collateral for a mortgage that is in default.

Time is of the essence. You need to talk with us immediately to see if there are any assistance options for which you may qualify. In limited situations, we may be able to provide assistance even after a foreclosure has been initiated.

Please call a Mortgage Assistance Center specialist at 844-661-0093 to discuss whether there are assistance options for which you may qualify.

If you retain a third party, that is your choice. But no third party will be able to negotiate better terms than you could get on your own behalf, and often they will charge you for handling the process. Please contact us at 844-661-0093 to discuss your situation. Additionally, you can contact federal government housing counselors through the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the Department of Housing and Urban Development or by calling 800-569-4287.