Debit Card Controls

Control your debit card like a virtual on-off switch
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Enhanced Peace of Mind with Debit Card Controls.

Prevent fraud
Monitor your account activity
Set spending limits

Take control of your personal Debit Card.

Have you ever lost your debit card or thought it was stolen? It can be a hassle to request a new one and then not have a card for a few days. But with our Debit Card Control feature, you’ll get the ease and peace of mind when faced with these situations.

Card Controls lets your debit card work like a virtual on-off switch.  Simply go to Online Banking or our Mobile App and turn it off if you’re concerned. If you find it in the bottom of your purse, under the bed or realize everything is OK, just go back and turn it on. It’s that easy and quick.

Card Controls from Atlantic Union Bank are a smart way for you to keep track of your debit card use, limit or restrict transactions, and get notified when something isn’t quite right. And by giving you the option to enable and disable your card, you’ll get an extra level of security to help you bank with confidence.

How Debit Card Controls can help:

  • Prevent Fraud
    If for any reason you think you’ve lost your card, someone is using it without your consent, or it was stolen, you can disable your card instantly to prevent purchases, withdrawals or any other account transaction with one click. (Recurring transactions will not be blocked.) And if you find out it’s a false alarm, you can unlock it just as easily.
  • Limit Purchase Amounts
    Managing your budget is easy with Debit Card Controls. Set limits on your spending to help manage your money better.

  • Monitor Activity
    Set up text messages, email alerts and/or push notifications when transactions occur.

Card Controls are available with every Atlantic Union Bank personal debit card. Go to Online Banking or our Mobile App to set up yours or get familiar with its features. Helping you take control of your account is another way we make banking easier1.

1Disabling your card is not a replacement for reporting your card lost or stolen. Contact us immediately at 800.990.4828 if you believe that unauthorized transactions have been made.