Duane Smith

Chief Marketing Officer

As Atlantic Union Bank’s Chief Marketing Officer, I love what I do. Marketing is about understanding what customers want and need and then designing that into our products and services. When we provide meaningful value, the advertising is easy.  My team takes a customer-first approach. I firmly believe that in order to win in business, we have to provide a win to our customers.

I joined Atlantic Union Bank in November, 2016 after three years as the Head of Brand Marketing at Vonage preceded by 16 years in various marketing leadership roles at Capital One. I also have a B.S. in Mass Communications from Virginia Commonwealth University as well as a New Product Development Professional (NPDP) Certification.

Outside of work, I have three passions in life. First is spending time with my family who make me smile every day. Second is playing volleyball, where over the past 30 years I’ve mastered jumping lower and moving slower. And, finally, I love home improvement – from construction, plumbing to electrical. Creating something from nothing provides me with an incredible sense of accomplishment.